Alabama fans embrace their BCS triumph by mocking LSU


Alabama smothered LSU in the BCS Championship Game, and 'Bama fans have dedicated every waking minute since to reminding LSU fans that it happened.

During Wednesday's basketball game between LSU and Alabama, 'Bama fans mockingly cheered when the Tigers dribbled past half court on their first possession because during the national championship, LSU managed to get across the 50-yard-line just once and eventually were pushed backward into their own side of the field.

The Fairhope Animal Clinic in Fairhope, Ala., - yeah, an animal clinic - got in on the action this week by posting an LSU jab on the marquee outside it's building. It read, "FREE TO GOOD HOME BADLY BEATEN HONEY BADGER" taking an obvious shot at LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu, who is nicknamed "Honey Badger" and, well, was badly beaten by Alabama receivers throughout the game.

And in keeping with the Honey Badger taunts, Alabama fans remade the infamous "Honey Badger" football T-Shirts — the ones that were supposedly banned by LSU's athletic department — and added "Who Dat?" at the bottom of the shirt.


And I'll bet Joe's Pizzeria in Madison, Ala., is selling out of its Nick Saban pizzas these days. Seriously, what could be better than Saban's face carved out in cheese?

Can't blame Alabama fans for getting their licks in. Heck, even the athletic department is doing a little taunting with its merchandise. Alabama should milk this national title for all its worth not only because it was such a dominant performance, but also because it was against a fellow SEC team that had beaten the Crimson Tide earlier in the season.

It's a heck of a lot more satisfying than beating a Colt McCoy-less Texas in the Rose Bowl.

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