Alabama fan latest to get crazy college football tattoo, for “Sons of Saban”

Well, when the starting quarterback of Alabama's football team is well known for some crazy tattoos, one would figure that the Crimson Tide fan base would follow suit.

The one posted on an anti-Alabama Facebook page is large and the opposite of subtle. It has "Sons of Saban" on the top and "Alabama" on the bottom. No, that's not a picture of Nick Saban in the middle of the ink, it's an image of the grim reaper. Easy to confuse the two.

[Also: Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel returns with a target on his back]

The tattoo is a play on the "Sons of Anarchy" television show that centers around an outlaw motorcycle club in California. How that relates to Alabama football is beyond me, but hey, the tattoo at least looks pretty nice.

Just remember folks, these fan tattoos are permanent. If Nick Saban leaves for the NFL or another school, or for some reason you switch your allegiance to a team other than Alabama (hey, it happens), or even if you decide SAMCRO really wasn't the best show in the world after all, that thing isn't coming off without some serious work.

And that also goes for tattoos of a lion in an Indian headdress.

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