Alabama chancellor says Nick Saban is the best financial investment the university has ever made

According to Alabama chancellor Dr. Robert Witt, the best investment that the university has ever made isn't a bond, fund, research project or building.

It's in Nick Saban. The Crimson Tide have won BCS National Championships in three of the last four seasons.

The quote from Witt is part of a 60 Minutes feature on Saban that's set to air on Sunday at 7:30 p.m. ET. Saban's salary is the highest of any head coach in college football at north of $5 million a season.

From CBS:

As the highest paid coach in collegiate sports, was Saban worth it? Dr. Witt responds without hesitation, "Nick Saban is the best financial investment this university has ever made. We have made an investment that's been returned many fold," he tells Keteyian.

Two weeks ago, the athletic department reported a net revenue of $143.4 million, which was up 16 percent from the previous year. And if you thought that Witt was just being hyperbolic, according to, the university's athletic department revenue is up 112 percent since 2006, which was the final season that Mike Shula was head coach.

In last year's title game, Alabama took home over $23 million in payout for the SEC. According to Forbes in January, the Tide's football program was valued at $95 million.

A quote like that makes it hard to see why Alabama wouldn't go to any lengths possible to match any offer extended towards Saban in the future. (Yes, we're talking about Texas.) Plus, the coach, who turned 62 on Halloween, has said that he doesn't want to start over again. Though at the same time, a major program wouldn't necessarily be seen as a reset point. If the time comes that Saban ever leaves Alabama, it won't be because Witt didn't see his value.

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