issues apology and correction after offensive lead in story about women and football

An story has been corrected and the website has issued an apology after receiving complaints about the lead paragraph in a story about a football seminar geared towards women.

The original opening paragraph, published Tuesday morning, read "Football can be a confusing and often vexing concept, especially for women." Tuesday afternoon, the sentence was edited to remove the final three words of the sentence and an apology was issued.

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Last I checked, football, just like any other sport to the uninitiated, can be a confusing and often vexing concept no matter your biological make-up. And yes, this was written about an event in perhaps the most football-crazed state in the nation and home to the last four National Championship trophies.

David Holloway, Food Editor for and author of the story, posted the following in the comments section of the story:

"The “Girls of Fall” event is not geared toward those women who are experts in football, but those who are not but want to learn more," Holloway wrote. "We apologize for offending readers. The story has been edited in response to the feedback we’ve received."

In addition to an explanation of football concepts featuring Former Browns GM and current Eagles consultant Phil Savage will be there to talk football, the event Thursday evening in Mobile is scheduled to feature tailgating tips and "the latest in game day fashion." (Browns fans, you can insert your own comments here.)

Proceeds from the event are to go to the Senior Bowl's charities. The Senior Bowl is the annual end-of-season senior All-Star game in Mobile which serves as an advance scouting combine for potential NFL draft picks.