AJ McCarron says that Nick Saban won’t pull a Rick Pitino and get a tattoo if Alabama wins the BCS

Dr. Saturday

Our dreams of Nick Saban getting a celebratory tattoo have been shattered.

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron said Monday on the Dan Patrick Show that Saban will not be following in the footsteps of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino and get a tattoo if the Crimson Tide win their third straight BCS championship.

"He's not going down that road," McCarron said.

After a somewhat sluggish start to Big East conference play, Pitino told his team that he'd get a tattoo if the Cardinals won the national championship. They did, and Pitino held up his end of the bargain, getting a Louisville "L" and the year on the back of his left shoulder.

McCarron has famously been down the tattoo road himself. That's how he and Patrick got on the subject of Saban and a tattoo, as he got the tattoo on his chest enlarged last December and recently had it extended to his left arm. Though McCarron said that he'll "only do so many" before calling it quits with the ink.

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