AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb are not engaged (Video)

Here's your most important college football news of the week: AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb are not engaged. Yet, anyway.

The couple appeared on the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday and when asked by Patrick about any engagement, the two said they weren't engaged and Webb showed off a ring that McCarron got her for Valentine's Day last year.

Webb said that she first saw McCarron when her mother summoned her into the room to watch an Alabama game against Auburn when he came in to replace Greg McElroy in 2010.

McCarron also said he'll be at the NFL Combine in February, however he's undecided about throwing at it. He skipped the Senior Bowl in his hometown of Mobile, Al. in January. He said he made the decision to miss the game to rest his body.

"I've talked to a lot of people about (throwing at the combine), and there's a lot of mixed emotions about it," McCarron said. "It's hard to get timing with guys you've never repped with, especially for one day of throwing. So I'll just have to wait and see and see how everything goes and go from there."

The former Alabama quarterback isn't expected to be a contender for the top pick in the NFL draft, however where he'll be selected in May has already become a talking point.

"I don't really listen to anybody," McCarron said when discussing draft talk. "But I mean (my agent) doesn't know. He knows just as much as I do. Any agent, no one can predict the draft, especially as good as they say they are. Mel Kiper, Todd McShay."

When asked what the two draft analysts said about him, McCarron responded "You never know. One day I'm not on the board, the next day I am.

"I think it's whatever side of the bed they wake up on."

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