Aggie-baiting t-shirts flaunt Baylor’s misguided feeling of self-importance

Dr. Saturday

After weeks of back-and-forth, threatened legal action and conference break-ups and make-ups, Texas A&M is finally on its way to the SEC.

And Baylor would like the credit for "allowing" the Aggies to go.

Spurred on by a Baylor fan site, some enterprising Baylor fans came up with a T-shirt stating that Texas A&M now has Baylor's permission to leave the conference.

The shirt has a dog on the front — presumably A&M's collie mascot, Reveille — with its head in a cone of shame. There are two different versions of the shirt, one with the dog trying to eat out of a bowl with "$EC" on the side and the other has a bone with the same lettering. On the back, the shirt reads, "You Have Our Permission" signed by Ken Starr.

Remember when Baylor football was irrelevant? Man, the Bears get a potential Heisman candidate and the fans get pretty high and mighty. If anything, Baylor's threatened lawsuit to keep A&M in the Big 12 was petty and a low point for the entire conference, but hey, it makes good T-shirt fodder.

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