AdvoCare Bowl: It’s a battle for ground attack superiority between Arizona and Boston College

Dr. Saturday

AdvoCare V100 Bowl
Arizona vs. Boston College
Shreveport, La.
Dec. 31, 2013

Run, run, run your running backs, gently down the field.

OK, there may not be much gentleness going around in Tuesday's AdvoCare V100 Bowl, but we think we've got the run part down right.

Arzona's Ka'Deem Carey has run for 1,716 yards and 17 touchdowns this season. He was a Doak Walker Award finalist while Boston College's Andre Williams won the award. Williams, who was also a Heisman finalist, finished with 2,102 yards rushing and 17 touchdowns.

And that's a number that could have been substantially higher if it wasn't for a nine carry 29-yard performance (and a minor injury) against Syracuse in the final game of the season. Given the nature of the Heisman race, who knows what a monster performance would have done in that game.

If you assume that both running backs are going to get their carries, then this game is going to be up to the suporting casts; in this case the quarterbacks and the receivers. Arizona's BJ Denker's statistics are better on the surface than Boston College's Chase Rettig, but because of the tempo of Arizona's offense, Denker threw a whopping 120 more passes than Rettig did.

Here's saying that we're going to have a touchdown pass or two off of a play-action fake. And if there are multiple and they go to the same team, well, there's your likely winner.


Much like our fight between the duck and the longhorn, the eagle has the aerial advantage here, though eagles tend to be loners. While a wildcat wins a ground and pound contest, the eagle can swoop in and take care of business. Because if a wildcat tries a sneak attack, the eagle can simply do this.


Graham: Arizona 34, Boston College 21. I love this matchup of two great running backs, but I think Ka'Deem Carey will be out to prove that he was the one who belonged at the Heisman Trophy ceremony. Boston College running back Andre Williams has been nursing a hamstring injury and I think that might be the deciding factor here. Well, that and the fact that Arizona has played a better schedule and will be better equipped for this game.

Nick: Arizona 31, Boston College 24. Both teams finished with nearly identical records in conferences that have very disparate perceptions. Let's go with the conference edge here, as Rich Rodriguez gives Michigan a "shout out" in his victory press conference.

Sam: Arizona 37, Boston College 31. Williams and Ka’Deem Carey going head-to-head against two of the nation’s worst rushing defenses will be a treat. This will be a high-scoring game, but these two offenses operate at different paces. BC has a grind-it-out, downhill offense. Arizona spreads the defense out and likes to do things quickly. In the end, I think the Wildcats can get on a roll and tire out the BC defense.

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