ACC Championship Game tickets selling for (much) less than a fast food burrito

Dr. Saturday

The ACC had a pretty bad weekend. Florida State was worked over by Florida, Clemson couldn't beat a South Carolina team without its starting quarterback, and Georgia Tech was blasted by Georgia.

Interest in this weekend's ACC Championship Game isn't exactly at an all-time high. Considering you can use a $5 bill to buy a ticket and still get $1 back in change, we're going to say Charlotte isn't abuzz about Florida State vs. Georgia Tech this week.

Tickets on were going for as little as $4 on Monday morning:

There it is, championship football for less than two gallons of gas.

A tour of Bank of America Stadium, when no game is being played, much less one that will determine a trip to a BCS bowl, costs $5 for adults. So, if you were thinking of taking that tour of the empty stadium, you can save yourself a buck and just buy a ticket to see Florida State and Georgia Tech play on Saturday night.

Or with that $4 you could go see about one-third of a movie. Or come close to buying a carnitas burrito at a fast food establishment. Denny's offers $4 all-you-can-eat pancakes, if you'd rather chow down on some flapjacks than watch two teams play for a championship in a major college football conference.

Florida State fans from Jacksonville could face a choice: Buy three tickets to the ACC Championship Game, or buy one ticket to see the Arena Football League's Jacksonville Sharks instead. The cheapest ticket for the Sharks is $12. Heck, the ACC is going to need to sell three tickets just to pay for the referee's whistle, which runs about $9 if you're in the market for one of your own.

As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution pointed out, SEC Championship Game tickets are going for a wee bit more. The cheapest tickets for the Georgia-Alabama game as of Monday morning on were $299, and those were for nosebleed seats in the end zone. Only six tickets total were going for less than $350, and many sellers were asking for $5,000 for lower sideline seats. And beware of the authenticity of those tickets. The SEC warned about counterfeit tickets being sold on the secondary market. We doubt that'll happen with the ACC game.

So, it's probably safe to say that good seats will be available for the ACC title game. We would love to see the scalpers in Charlotte trying to sell their inventory this week. They can sell one ticket to the ACC Championship Game and almost have enough money to buy a venti cappuccino at Starbucks.

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