Aaron Murray don’t care: Georgia QB’s fashion rampage continues with homage to the honey badger

Dr. Saturday

Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray is becoming quite the fashion maven.

First he rocked the Coach satchel (Indiana Jones wears one) then he unabashedly wore a Florida State shirt while holding what appears to be a Natty Light. Earlier this month he was caught wearing a child-sized Christmas pajama shirt that looked uncomfortably too small.

But his latest fashion statement shows he just don't give a [expletive] - or at least, that's what his shirt says.

Murray has joined the honey badger craze and is now sporting the shirt. Now before the LSU compliance department comes knocking down Murray's door, this is not an official Bayou Bengal Honey Badger shirt harrowing the efforts of defensive back and kick returner extraordinaire Tyrann Mathieu. LSU is cracking down on the sales of those purple and gold T's. Lucky for Murray, his shirt is Georgia red and black, which might give him a little leeway when asked about wearing a shirt with the nickname of a player who had a monster game against his team in the SEC championship game.

But Murray don't care.

One can only guess what Murray's next fashion venture might be. Maybe some UGGs.

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