Xavier coach Chris Mack and his family cover ‘Call Me Maybe’

I'm sick of them. You're sick of them. Heck, by now even Carly Rae Jepsen is probably sick of them.

And yet, new "Call Me Maybe" parody videos keep rolling in by the day like waves at the seashore.

Xavier coach Chris Mack and his family added their entry to an ever-growing illustrious list that includes everything from the Harvard baseball team, to SMU women's rowing, to USA Swimming. And what Mack, wife Christi, and daughters Lainee and Hailey lack in originality, they at least make up for in enthusiasm.

How many Division I head coaches would do a song-and-dance number to a pop song? And how many of them would film it and put it on YouTube? I'll give you Buzz Williams, Tom Izzo and Bill Self, but the list might not get far into double figures.

If there's a hidden message to the parody — and like all pop song parodies it isn't subtle — it's that Mack would like recruits to call. Hopefully prospects interested in Xavier have better taste in music than their potential future coach but they appreciate his enthusiasm nonetheless.

(Thanks, Eye on College Basketball)

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