We'll never look at 'Boogie' Bill Self the same way again

If disco wasn't already dead, Bill Self may have just finished it off.

The Kansas basketball coach appears in this hilarious promotional video for a charitable event he's hosting clad in a white three-piece leisure suit, thick gold chains and awesome Burt Reynolds-esque sideburns. It's a look straight out of the movie Boogie Nights, complete with an obnoxious wide-collared black shirt with several buttons undone for maximum chest hair exposal.

At a time when too many coaches take themselves way too seriously, credit Self for being able to laugh at himself to generate publicity for a great cause. The release of the video coincides with tickets going on sale for Bill's Basketball Boogie, a June 11 charitable event in Kansas City that will benefit Self's Assist's Foundation serving a variety of youth initiatives in the community.

"We had such a great time at the 2008 Boogie, it took us two years to recover," Self said in a statement. "And we expect this one to be even better. We have to build on that success because we've got some great kids and organizations to recognize and a lot of money to raise to meet our long term goals and commitments."

Last month, South Dakota State's Scott Nagy earned himself the title of basketball's best dancer by winning his school's Dancing with the Stars competition. Self probably isn't in Nagy's class just yet, but we can only hope this offseason trend of coach's showing off their moves on the dancefloor continues.

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