Villanova's Scottie Reynolds takes out CBS announcer table

Crashing through the announce table is no longer merely the domain of muscled-up professional wrestlers.

Villanova's Scottie Reynolds got in the act on Saturday afternoon, hustling after a loose ball, careening into the CBS crew's table and taking out a few piles of paperwork, a cup of coffee and at least four monitors in the process.

The carnage was sufficient that errant telestrator marks appeared on the TV screen and the ever-excitable Gus Johnson was rendered momentarily speechless. As always, Johnson recovered quickly, chuckling and praising Reynolds' hustle as he surveyed the damage.

"We're having fun already," Johnson said when CBS came back from break. "All the notes have been thrown in the air. Little bit of chaos here."

Chimed in analyst Greg Anthony, "Fortunately the table got the brunt of it."

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