Villanova's 'crying piccolo player' sits in with Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show band

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Well, at least someone from Villanova is having a decent March.

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You know Roxanne Chalifoux, the Villanova band piccolo player last seen crying in the moments after the Wildcats' stunning Saturday night defeat at the hands of NC State. The entire world, or at least the part interested in the NCAA tournament, saw the video of tears in Chalifoux's eyes, playing on despite heartbreak. She showed a lot more energy and school spirit than at least some people we could name

Jimmy Fallon spotted Chalifoux and invited her onto his show to sit in with the Roots. While she was there, Fallon presented her with a big ol' gift basket and two tickets to see Taylor Swift. Sure, it's not a Final Four berth, but it's not a bad consolation prize, either.

Only drawback of this? Expect other band members of losing teams to start wailing like toddlers at naptime to try to get on camera.

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