Video: MVSU guard Kevin Burwell taunts President Obama and ultimately regrets it

Graham Watson
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Mississippi Valley State guard Kevin Burwell learned a hard lesson Tuesday night that taunting the leader of the free world brings nothing but trouble.

Early in the second half of the Devils' "first four" game against Western Kentucky, Burwell dribbled to the corner where President Barack Obama and his guest, British Prime Minister David Cameron, were taking in the game and jacked up a 3-pointer. When the shot found the bottom of the net, Burwell turned to the president and taunted him.

Not a smart move with Secret Service hovering, but Burwell was responding to Obama's halftime comment that both teams were "shooting terribly." To Obama's credit, the two teams had combined to shoot 24 percent for the first half.

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However, what Burwell didn't know at the time was that simple taunt would kick off a MVSU downward spiral than no one could have ever predicted. Even though Mississippi Valley State jumped out to a 16-point lead, Western Kentucky whittled away at it in the final five minutes and ultimately won the game 59-58.

After Burwell made that fateful shot, he scored four points, but had three turnovers, a missed layup and three missed 3-pointers, including one with three seconds remaining that would have won the game.

Even worse, after the game a photographer made him this year's symbol of the heartbreak of the NCAA Tournament.

Not saying the president had anything to do with this cosmic karma, but you have to wonder. He is, after all, the most powerful man in the world.

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