Video of Marshall Henderson giving the crowd the double bird finally surfaces

When Marshall Henderson responded to questions about why he flipped off the Kansas City crowd after a loss to La Salle on Sunday night, the volatile Ole Miss star claimed fans called his sister a "whore" and referenced his past drug problems.

Video of the incident that has since surfaced appears to paint a slightly different picture.

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As Henderson leaves the court and walks to the locker room following his team's round of 32 loss, he kicks something in front of the bench, draws boos from fans seated above the tunnel and responds with a double-barreled salute. An Ole Miss assistant coach has to pull down Henderson's arms and drag him into the locker room to avoid further trouble.

Perhaps the unflattering references to his sister or his drug use were inaudible or maybe they came earlier in the game, but this certainly looks more like a response to the loss and the boos than anything else. Regardless, the temper tantrum that culminated with Henderson flipping off the crowd is just the latest example of his immaturity.

It's hard to be overly critical of Henderson here because fans and media – myself included – are partially responsible for enabling his behavior. We've helped create his wrestling heel persona by celebrating his gator chomp or his run-in with the Auburn crowd because they've been entertaining.

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Henderson obviously crosses the line here, though. Eventually, he has to grow up and realize he's not helping his public image or that of Ole Miss and he's not setting a good example for young kids who look up to him.

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