Video: Everybody loves Jimmer, especially Seth Davis

Chris Chase
The Dagger: College Basketball Blog

Bill Raftery was raving so much about Jimmer Fredette while calling BYU's games this weekend that I think there's a 50 percent chance he changes his "onions!" catchphrase to "Jimmers!" In the studio, Seth Davis was also all over the Cougars' star, which led to this fantastic clip during one of the breaks in play on Sunday:

In Davis' defense, every working college basketball analyst could be accused to having an unhealthy Jimmer-love, but few of them have ever posed for a thoughtful, Thinker-like picture complete with goo-goo eyes that's so ripe for mockery.

If you thought Jimmer-mania peaked this weekend, just wait until Thursday when Gus Johnson calls the BYU-Florida game. CBS producers might have to bring tranq guns to the site just in case Gus gets a little too Gus.

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