Vanderbilt mascot gives Commodores fan a bloody nose

Whether it's the Ohio Bobcat putting Brutus the Buckeye in a hammerlock or Oski the Bear brawling with the Stanford Tree, mascot fights are an annual source of hilarity in college athletics.

It crosses the line, however, when one of the big foam-headed monsters goes into the stands and roughs up a fan.

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That's what happened Tuesday night when Vanderbilt mascot "Mr. C" went into the student section, put one Commodores fan in a mock chokehold and then accidentally struck him in the face with a right hook hard enough to draw blood.

Maybe the mascot was trying to rev up the crowd and got a little overzealous? Maybe the student provoked the mascot by taunting him earlier in the game? Either way, "Mr. C" appeared mortified when the student needed a towel to stop the bleeding after taking the punch.

A bloody nose and a wounded ego weren't even the worst indignities the Vanderbilt fan endured Tuesday night.

Once he cleaned up and returned to his seat, he had to suffer through watching rival Tennessee rally from a double-digit deficit and complete a season sweep of the Commodores with a 60-51 road victory.

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