Utah coach Larry Krystkowiak single-handedly apprehends a bike thief

It won't come as a surprise to anyone in Salt Lake City if Larry Krystkowiak is spotted clad in a superhero-style cape and mask this winter.

The Utah basketball coach showed off his knack for crime fighting Saturday morning when he single-handedly apprehended an apparent bike thief on campus.

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On his way to his office at the Huntsman Center, Krystkowiak spotted a middle-aged man riding a bicycle while pulling another. Immediately suspicious because there had been a rash of bike thefts on campus recently, Krystkowiak questioned the man and called the police.

"Smelled a rat and chased him down and made him sit on sidewalk while campus police came," Krystkowiak tweeted Saturday. "5 stolen phones in bag too!"

Told by a Twitter follower he should have given the alleged thief "an old school Montana beat down," Krystkowiak joked, "I was kinda hoping he would [have] run and then [I] would have had the green light."

Krystkowiak clearly didn't nab the world's most intelligent criminal since the thief likely could have escaped by ditching one bike and riding off on the other. Nonetheless, it's no surprise Krystkowiak managed to intimidate the thief. Not only is the former NBA power forward an imposing figure at 6-foot-9, 225 pounds, he also had ample motivation to nab the thief, having previously had two custom-made bikes that he used for training stolen out of his garage in Montana.

Said Krystkowiak to the Deseret News, "I’ve always kind of had a hankering to see if I could catch a bike thief."

(Thanks, Eye on College Basketball)

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