Urologists: It's hip to snip during March Madness

If you're looking for a legitimate excuse to get out of going to work during the opening round of the NCAA tournament, your friendly local urologist has a foolproof, albeit potentially painful, solution.

How about a vasectomy? Yes, seriously.

The Oregon Urology Institute is running a promotion for the third straight year encouraging men to get a vasectomy during March Madness so they can rest at home watching hoops instead of The Price is Right or Oprah. And, yes, once again they're including a "recovery kit" in the deal complete with a T-shirt, cooler, bag of frozen peas and a doctor's note.

"We've got some business from it and an unbelievable amount of notoriety," administrator Terry FitzPatrick said by phone on Monday. "This year, for instance, before we started running our ads today, we already had 16 slots filled."

When FitzPatrick first approached employees of a local marketing firm with the idea three years ago, he said they looked at him like he was crazy. The idea has taken off quickly, however, drawing attention from numerous local and national media outlets.

What sets this year's promotion apart is a local radio ad read by a Dick Vitale impersonator encouraging listeners to "take care of your equipment and lower your seed for the tournament."

Call me a traditionalist, but I think I'd stick to calling in sick or watching at work with my finger hovering over the boss button instead.

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