UNI's newest tradition involves spastic dancing and techno music

Three Northern Iowa students with a unhealthy appreciation for techno music and way too much time on their hands have spawned one of the more bizarre new traditions of the basketball season.

It's called the Interlude dance, a spastic semi-choreographed dance routine that the Northern Iowa student section has begun performing at games this season.

According to The Northern Iowa student newspaper, upperclassmen Ian Goldsmith, Scott Connerly and Tyler Wright created the dance, taught their friends and persuaded the university's athletic department to allow fans to perform it during games. Oddly enough the dance has inexplicably taken off, as can be seen from the above video shot during the Panthers' 71-66 victory over Creighton on Wednesday night.

In an effort to teach as many students the dance as possible, the how-to video is available on YouTube and the Northern Iowa Athletics Facebook page. There are six simple steps, everything from the handclap to the fist pump to the ninja robot.

In theory, students from other schools could incorporate the Interlude dance into their basketball gameday experience. More likely than not, however, this is a tradition that will remain uniquely Northern Iowa's.

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