Uni-fail: Nike misspells Kentucky on John Wall’s jersey

From its seven national championships to its 49 NCAA tournament appearances to its sparkling 23-1 record this season, Kentucky has a lot to boast about when it comes to basketball pedigree.

It seems that's not enough, however, for Nike to spell the name of the school right on its jerseys.

In a photo shoot for the cover of the March issue of Slam Magazine shot earlier this week, star freshman John Wall originally donned a jersey with "Kentcuky" emblazoned on the front.

As spelling errors go, this one was somewhat of a freudian slip. Surely it can't be an accident that the last four letters spelled "C U KY" when Wall is all but certain to leave Kentucky for the pros in a few months, right?

Coach John Calipari tweeted a picture of the shoot on Wednesday morning and then later assured observant fans that the staff had caught the spelling error before going forward with the shoot.

Wrote Calipari: "We were wondering would you guys notice the Wall jersey. UK fans don't miss anything! Of course, we switched to correct version later."

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