An unexpected court-storming by North Carolina fans renews debate

North Carolina fans stormed the court when the Tar Heels beat No. 5 Duke 74-66 touching off an avalanche of debate on social media regarding whether fans of one of the game's blue blood programs ever should storm the court.

This isn't the first time we've discussed court-storming, but it is the first time it has involved fans of one of the most successful programs in history. To some, it seemed at least a little beneath the Tar Heels.

Even renowned ESPN analyst Dick Vitale noted his surprise that Tar Heels fans were storming the court as the broadcast wrapped up.

This is North Carolina after all. It's a program that has won five national titles, played in 18 Final Fours, produced Michael Jordan and James Worthy and Phil Ford and Bobby Jones and Bob McAdoo and...well, you get the point.

Some people love court storming because they love fun and youthful exuberance and party time and hell is going to freeze over or the Chicago Cubs are going to win the World Series before they ever take a stand against anything fun.

Others despise court storming because it happens much too often these days. What once was reserved for historic wins is now done dozens of times each season in various college venues across the nation.

Then there are those who believe you don't storm the court against your rival because, well, it's your rival and why give them the satisfaction?

Others just don't get why any even cares about court storming.

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