Undefeated Murray State now has a rap anthem

In case its undefeated record and top 15 ranking weren't proof that Murray State has hit the big time this winter, the Racers now have more corroborating evidence.

The school released its very own rap anthem this weekend complete with cheerleaders, dunks and shoutouts to everyone from former Murray State star Popeye Jones to ESPN analyst Dick Vitale.

The "Murray State Anthem" by Kentucky natives Trubz 'N' Matlock is more Vanilla Ice than Eminem lyrically, but it's still a fun listen and good publicity for a program that is one of college basketball's best stories this season. How can you not get a chuckle out of silly verses like these?

"Finished off our spinach, we "Popeye" strong ... Not to mention, Murray State's the home of Popeye Jones."

In the pantheon of college hoops anthems, the Murray State anthem falls somewhere in the middle of Tim Shelton's "Aztec Motto, Indiana's "This is Indiana," BYU's "Teach me how to Jimmer" and Notre Dame's embarrassingly bad "We are ND." It's not the best of an increasingly crowded genre but it's certainly not the worst either.

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