UK, KU each pick up a prized recruit

Kentucky adds another to its arsenal, while Kansas picks up someone it can attempt to build its offense around in 2010-11.

The news broke last night in New York City. The Jordan Brand Classic was taking place at Madison Square Garden, and two players with a lot of potential announced their decisions that many expected and/or all but knew.

Point guard Josh Selby: to Kansas.

Shooting guard Doron Lamb: to Kentucky.

Those in the know pretty much knew both players were choosing their respective schools, but now that it's official, both fanbases can really look toward next season with eyes wide open.

It must be mentioned just how both players announced their intentions: it went down as the game was happening. From Rivals High:

"I'm gonna be a Kansas Jayhawk," Selby, a 6-foot-3 senior from Baltimore (Md.) Lake Clifton High, told the crowd during the first half. "I think that's the best place for me to mature and get to the next level."

"I will be a Kentucky Wildcat," Lamb, a 6-4 senior from Mouth of Wilson (Va.) Oak Hill Academy, announced during the second half. "I like the coaching staff. I think next year we're gonna be a team to beat."

In terms of where these players rank in regard to our friends at, Selby (in photo) is the No. 4 overall player and second (behind Kentucky-committed Brandon Knight) among point guards. Lamb is the third-best-rated shooting guard in this year's class and is placed at No. 21 overall.

What's most intriguing is Lamb's decision to go to Kentucky. Here's what John Calipari told him recently.

From the Lexington Herald-Leader:

For Lamb, UK’s announcement earlier this month that five players planned to enter their names in this year’s NBA Draft seemed to validate Coach John Calipari as a prophet.

“My eyes opened up,” Lamb said. “That’s what he told me before the season started. He promised me that, and that happened. So I believed what he says.

“He told me the same thing next year will happen.”

Boom. Ambushed? Calipari didn't exactly veil himself when talking about his freshmen this past season and what they should do. Still, you get that picture in your mind of Cal talking to incoming recruits and saying, "Hey, I'm getting all these talented guys out. They're too good to stay in college. They're going to the NBA after one year. And I think if you come into our program, you've got a really good chance to do the same thing."

It's so Cal, but rarely is the laundry aired in that fashion. Sort of a how-the-meat-is-made type of deal when it comes to recruiting.

As for Selby, who once told Tennessee it would be his choice, he heads off to Kansas to try and fill Sherron Collins' shoes. But unlike Collins, Selby won't be staying all four years, most likely. We leave you with this quote from him last night.

"Every kid's goal is to play in the NBA," Selby said. "They want the fame, they want the celebrity status, they want to be on TV and they want to do what they do best. One-and-done, I think all of us hope that we can be one-and-done but we don't know what God's plan is for the future."

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