The ugliest missed free throw you've ever seen

For those who couldn't sit through the final four minutes of the Kansas-Texas game on Monday night, it did deliver at least one memorable moment: A missed free throw for the ages.

Maybe Kansas' Brady Morningstar was a little off balance. Maybe he stumbled over an elevated floorboard. Either way his double-clutch foul shot while tripping forward into the paint was the basketball equivalent to a bad toss on a tennis serve.

"The ball was wet," Morningstar told the Lawrence Journal-World. "It slipped on the way up. I was so confused. I could have caught it and came down with it, but I'd have stepped on the line. I tried to shoot a little jump shot so I didn't cross the line."

"I looked pretty stupid there," he added. "We laughed about it in the locker room just now."

The free throw shooter was supposed to be Cole Aldrich, but the Kansas big man also picked up a technical for his fifth foul, forcing coach Bill Self to select someone else to take the foul shot. Self chose Morningstar, a 75 percent free throw shooter this season.

"My sub was smart. That'll be an ESPN top 10 for the next six months," Self said with a laugh. "He said the ball was wet, and it slipped out of his hands."

All the talk going into the game was about Texas' 62 percent free throw shooting, but at least the Longhorns have never botched one that badly, right?

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