UConn vs. Kentucky: the most unlikely NCAA tournament final ever

Hyperbole stinks. This is not hyperbole: The 2014 NCAA tournament has produced the most unlikely final since the field expanded to 64 teams in 1985.

The result: millions upon millions of busted brackets.

Consider this: Of the millions who filled out brackets on Yahoo Sports, only 486 picked the correct final – 7th-seeded UConn vs. 8th-seeded Kentucky (a 74-73 winner over Wisconsin). Since 1985, at least a No. 1, 2 or 3 seed has been in every single final. Before this year, the highest combined total of seeds in a final was 11 in 2011: UConn (3) vs. Butler (8).

And when the champion is crowned Monday night, no more than 0.7 percent of Yahoo Sports users will have picked the correct winner.

Try these stats on for size:

To make the final …

• 66,196 picked Kentucky – or 1.4 percent of all entries.

• 14,053 picked UConn – or 0.3 percent of all entries.

To win the tournament:

• 31,655 picked Kentucky – or 0.7 percent of all entries.

• 7,602 picked UConn – or 0.2 percent of all entries.

Brackets were already busted heading into Saturday's Final Four. But when UConn upset Florida, it shredded most of those not already in tatters. Fifty percent of all brackets filled out on Yahoo Sports had Florida going to the final, with 36 percent of those picking the Gators to win it all.

And so we're left with No. 7 UConn vs. No. 8 Kentucky. If you're one of the 486 who picked it correctly, take a bow.