UCF unveils pinstriped jerseys for the upcoming season

As if a garish basketball floor meant to emulate an outdoor blacktop wasn't jarring enough, the University of Central Florida has something else new in store for fans this upcoming season.

The Knights revealed Monday they'll also be wearing new pinstriped jerseys.

UCF's home white jerseys feature black pinstripes, a look reminiscent of what the Orlando Magic have worn throughout most of the franchise's 24-year history. The jerseys also feature a V-neck collar and the school's diagonal UCF logo across the front rather than a traditional horizontal one.

A uniform makeover was probably overdue for UCF considering its jerseys had remained unchanged since the school switched to Nike prior to the start of the 2010-11 season. The question is whether pinstripes were the ideal direction for the new look, a topic Knights fans appear to be split on.

Wrote one fan on UCF's Rivals forum: "They look a little hokey from the back. Why not have the stripes on the whole jersey?"

Countered another, "Seriously you people suck. The jerseys are great. Stop being old people."

It's probably safe to assume UCF coach Donnie Jones is a fan of the look. A pinstripe suit has become a staple of his wardrobe over the years. Now his team will match.

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