Tough day for Colorado State and super fan Justin Stank in blowout loss to top seed Louisville

Kyle Ringo
The Dagger: College Basketball Blog

Colorado State produced one of the best basketball seasons in school history this season but fell well short of adding the cherry on top Saturday in the form of a win over Louisville, the No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA tournament.

The disappointment of the Cardinals' 82-56 victory was obviously tough to take for 16-year-old Rams super fan Justin Stank, who has worn a full-body Ram costume to CSU games since he was an infant

Stank attracted national attention when television cameras caught him celebrating a Round of 64 victory over Missouri. Turns out, Stank had a ticket for the game against the Tigers further back in the stands, but a couple approached him and his mother, Zoe, to give Justin a ticket in the front row donated to him by an unknown man. If not for the random act of kindness, Stank and his awesome Rams costume might never have come to our attention.

Unfortunately, receiving attention for what you're wearing when you're team wins has a flip side to it like the rest of life. Cameras returned to him today when the Rams just couldn't solve Louisville's high-pressure defense and superior talent.

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