Tom Izzo’s son picks Duke to beat Michigan State

He sleeps in a house paid for by his father's basketball success, claims "Mateen" as a middle name and likely has a wardrobe that features Spartan green as its primary color.

None of that, however, prevented 13-year-old Steven Izzo from picking Duke to beat his father's Michigan State team in Friday night's Sweet 16 matchup. And while it may have been a chalk pick to select the second-seeded Blue Devils over the third-seeded Spartans in the Midwest Region matchup, it's not a selection that's going over well in the Izzo household.

Here's what Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo told ESPN's Mike and Mike In the Morning earlier this week:

"I said, 'Steven, what are you doing?'" Izzo said. "He says, 'Well Dad, I'm just not sure on this game.' I said, 'You know what, son? You've got to pick with your head, not your heart' (and then) the damn kid picked Duke!"

"My son's problem is whether he ever eats at my house," Izzo joked. "He's a big fan of Coach K's, so I've got real problems."

Ah, the sweet rebellion of teenage years! Better get used to it, Coach Izzo.

The kid's a shrewd prognosticator, though. Steven reportedly has Louisville coming out of the Midwest bracket but thinks Miami will win it all.

No word on if he saw FGCU or La Salle getting this far, though.

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