To fix his off-kilter outside shot, Nate Britt will try switching hands

To fix his off-kilter outside shot, Nate Britt will try switching hands

Outside shooting is the biggest weakness in Nate Britt's game, so the North Carolina guard has come up with an unorthodox scheme to try to fix it.

Britt is using offseason workouts to practice shooting with his right hand after attempting jump shots using his left, Raleigh TV station WTVD first reported. The rising sophomore has a hitch in shooting motion when he tries from distance with his left hand.

The change is a gamble Britt probably felt he needed to make given that he sank only three shots from behind the arc all season as a freshman and that he shot 36.7 percent from the field. Those are percentages in need of improvement if Britt is going to compete for playing time in a backcourt that also features all-ACC point guard Marcus Paige and fellow guards Luke Davis, Stilman White and incoming freshman Joel Berry.

It's extremely rare to find basketball players equally comfortable shooting jump shots with either hand, but there is some precedent.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson switched to shooting primarily with his right hand on free throws and jump shots this offseason after middling results with his left in previous seasons. Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut is one of several big men virtually ambidextrous with their back to the basket in the post, though he shoots jumpers with his dominant hand. One of the few guards comfortable using either hand is Drexel's Tavon Allen, who shoots foul shots and 3-pointers mostly with his left and pull-up jump shots inside the arc primarily with his right.

Before he got to North Carolina, Britt spent a year at Oak Hill Academy and shot with either hand from inside 10 feet, coach Steve Smith told the Fayetteville Observer. Smith added that Britt's "shooting form is much better right-handed," which surely gives the Tar Heels hope that this could be a useful switch.

From his ball handling to his passing to his ability to finish at the rim, Britt did a lot of things well during his first season in Chapel Hill. If his shooting ever improves too, North Carolina could have itself another very nice point guard.

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