Tim Miles submits hilarious application to lead Nebraska's student section

Tim Miles submits hilarious application to lead Nebraska's student section

Shortly after the window closed to apply to become winter sports director for Nebraska's official student support group, 'The Iron N' received one last entry from an unusual applicant last month.

It came from Nebraska basketball coach Tim Miles.

Not only did Miles take the time to fill out the questionnaire, his responses were also the perfect combination of clever and thoughtful.

Why did Miles apply to be winter sports director of 'The Iron N?' "I love basketball," wrote Miles. "In fact, I've spent the last 20+ years at various colleges closely following their basketball teams.  I want to use my passion to create and lead a thundering army of fanatics so great, even creatures like Badgers, Wolverines, Knights, Turtles, General People from Indiana, and Eyes of Hawks and Bucks will cower."

Why would Miles make a good candidate for the job? "I've been to every Husker game (home and away) for the last two years," he quipped. "Haven't missed a single one!!  I even sneak into the arena and locker room hours before the game because I never have a ticket and want to save my front row seat.  Some say I'm obsessed, I say, 'That's why I'm the right man for this job.'"

And what involvement has Miles had with 'The Iron N' previously? "I credit myself with helping all the fans get free Runzas 11 times last year alone," he wrote. "Nothing is guaranteed in life, but I'm pretty much guaranteeing Runzas again this year.  And no Nebraskan can resist free Runzas — that's a scientific fact people!!"

This sort of thing is yet another example of why Miles has inspired a school that has always been football-first to finally embrace basketball too. Yes, a sparkling new arena and an unexpected NCAA tournament appearance have certainly helped, but so has the enthusiasm of a head coach who takes selfies with students on campus, helps fans with their marriage proposals and never fails to be visible in the community.

Of course, Miles was a little disappointed his application apparently won't win him the title of 'The Iron N's' winter sports director.

Quipped Miles at his weekly press conference on Tuesday, "I’m a little peeved about that, actually. So I’m 48 hours late for the deadline. I can’t even get a little leeway on that deal?

"If you read the application, I’m clearly qualified. I’m above and beyond the call. Better than the cat they got now, I promise you that. I’ll go one-on-one with him right now when it comes to Husker love."

That's not a fair fight. When it comes to Husker love, Miles is untouchable.

(Thanks, Lincoln Journal Star)

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