Three Michigan players visit lemonade stand raising money for Detroit

When nine-year-old Joshua Smith and 10-year-old Dwayne Durant opened a lemonade stand in Detroit last week to raise money for the struggling city, their generosity made headlines throughout the state of Michigan.

Three Michigan basketball players heard about what Smith and Durant were doing and decided to make sure the boys got something for their hard work too.

Junior forward Jordan Morgan, sophomore guard Trey Burke and senior guard Corey Person drove from Ann Arbor to Detroit's west side Friday to deliver autographed t-shirts and hats for the boys. has video of the three Wolverines giving Smith and Durant the gear, buying lemonade at the stand and praising them for their selflessness.

"I read the article myself about what you were doing out here," Morgan said on the video. "I called my teammates and we had to come support you. This is big for someone your age.

"It's going to take more people thinking like you to help this city."

Smith and Durant deserve the attention they've received for raising $3,500 for the city of Detroit by the time they closed their stand, but credit Morgan, Burke and Person too. Just like not many grade schoolers would donate money to their city, not many college students would drive an hour out of their way to support the cause.

The only person more surprised than the boys to see the three Michigan basketball players was Smith's father, Flynn Smith, a lifelong Michigan State fan. The Wolverines may not have converted him in one day, but he'll at least have to tolerate some Michigan basketball gear around the house.