There's an app for that: Coach K is coming to an iPhone near you

An iPhone application featuring Mike Krzyzewski launched recently on Apple's online app store. It will cost $2.99 and feature coaching tips, virtual shooting competitions and, presumably, how to deal with disappointment in March.

From Coach K's official Web site:

The Coach K App utilizes innovative multi-touch controls that immerse the player into an exciting series of races against multiple artificial intelligence opponents. The game includes three levels of competition with stops in New York City, China and Durham, North Carolina, home to Coach K's Duke Blue Devils.

Coach K provides personalized "coaching tips" to maneuver players through a series of dynamic obstacles which come to life through trend-setting graphics ... Players will be challenged to dodge taxicabs and street vendors, while racing through the streets of New York; avoid dragons and panda bears while speeding along the Great Wall of China; and sprint around campus while avoiding the notorious Cameron Crazies and other obstacles. The game climaxes in an intense head-to-head shooting competition against another player over Bluetooth.

Each site on the virtual journey has played a significant role in Coach K's career. "Beyond the sheer fun and challenge of the game," Coach K encourages players to "explore and learn about the unique geography and cultures of some of the most interesting cities in the world."

It's a history-making game, as its release trumpets the first time anyone outside tobacco lobbyists or medical researchers have lumped Durham in with "the most interesting cities in the world."

The app is sure to be a big hit amongst Duke fans, but we're sort of disappointed by it. We had hoped that any Coach K iPhone app would include virtual simulations of how to overpraise upcoming opponents, passive-aggresively bait the refs, take a charge under the basket and have a falling out with Bobby Knight.

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