The SEC tournament had a little trouble with this whole 'basketball' thing

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The SEC has stomped over pretty much every team and conference in the country over the last few years ... in football, at least. In basketball? Not quite as much. Even though the SEC boasts this year's top overall seed in Florida, there are apparently more than a few affiliated with the conference who consider basketball to be merely a way to kill a few hours before spring football. Case in point, this sign spotted at the SEC tourney at the Georgia Dome this past weekend:

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Yes, that's a sign advertising "kickoff" of the basketball tournament. Wishful thinking, perhaps. Though, considering how well most of the SEC teams fared this year, perhaps they were in fact thinking that this was just football without pads.

Outside of Florida, the SEC's tide didn't exactly roll over the rest of the country. The conference as a whole got only three bids (Kentucky at an 8-seed and Tennessee in a play-in game). So, yeah, you can forgive SEC fans (and, apparently, tournament organizers) for wondering what this silly sport with the round ball is.

Embarrassing? Sure. But not nearly as embarrassing as getting this tattoo. Never change, SEC.

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