The 10 funniest college basketball moments from 2015

Jeff Eisenberg

Yahoo Sports will be recapping the best and worst of 2015 in college basketball this week. Here's a look at 2015's 10 funniest moments:

1. Forward Nigel Hayes enjoyed mixing in vocabulary words to test the folks who transcribed Wisconsin's NCAA tournament news conferences, last March but his affinity for one stenographer went well beyond her spelling ability. An open mic picked up Hayes whispering "she's beautiful" to Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky during a Sweet 16 news conference, much to the amusement of everyone in the room. Who is the stenographer who caught Hayes' attention? Her name is Deborah Bollman, a 43-year-old mother of three from Corona, Calif. Bollman was flattered by the compliment from Hayes, but the Wisconsin forward still tweeted to say he was sorry "Apologies to @debrabollman for "accidentally" verbalizing her pulchritude," he wrote. "I meant no disrespect ma'am. #contrite.

2. While Monmouth has toppled UCLA, USC, Notre Dame and Georgetown, the Hawks' accomplishments have been overshadowed by the inventiveness of its bench. Dan Pillari, Greg Noack and the rest of the four-man improv troupe continue to steal headlines with their hilarious antics after made baskets. They recreate scenes from Star Wars. They imitate the Sistine Chapel. The pantomime everything from hitting home runs, to catching touchdown passes, to catching a big fish. Monmouth may need to win the MAAC tournament to secure an NCAA bid, but let's hope the Hawks manage to do it. The NCAA tournament will be more charming and fun next year if Monmouth and its zany bench mob is part of it.

The Curtain of Distraction's finest work: Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball.
The Curtain of Distraction's finest work: Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball.

3. Arizona State fans probably aren't too disappointed these days when their team commits a second-half foul during a home game. Only then does the Sun Devils student section get to unleash college basketball's most creative method of free throw distraction. When an opposing player shoots free throws toward the Arizona State student section, students seated closest to the floor will set up a pair of black curtains directly behind the basket. The Curtain of Distraction then parts to reveal an often hilarious, always weird mystery character, from a gyrating Elvis Presley, to a diaper-clad Cupid, to a pair of kissing unicorns. My favorite staple of the Curtain of Distraction? Arizona State student Tim Schodt dressed as Miley Cyrus with a wrecking ball. He's shown above in a Feb. 19 game against UCLA.

4. Whether it's ranting about America's marijuana policies, waxing nostalgic about Jack Kerouac or telling stories about Grateful Dead shows, Bill Walton always brings unexpected entertainment value to a broadcast. Seldom has he said something more bizarre than he did during a UCLA-USC game last March when the conversation somehow turned to milk. What exactly did Walton mean when he said, "I have milked a cow before and I have been milked?" He offered a predictably weird and glorious explanation in a Reddit Q&A a few weeks later. Wrote Walton, "It's the most pleasurable experience in the world! When you're on a great team and you get hot, your teammates milk you dry - they wear you out. When you're on a bad team and you get hot, they freeze you out because they figure they have to get theirs before the game's over."

5. Kevin Ware horrifically broke his leg in an Elite Eight game between Louisville and Duke almost three years ago, so the Georgia State guard certainly knows what it's like to experience extreme pain. That's why this tweet he sent after stubbing his toe in August is so unintentionally hilarious. The incredulous responses from fans are memorable too. "I saw your tibia outside your body," one fan wrote. Added another, "dude you broke your leg in half. Ware transferred to Georgia State in hopes of being known for more than his broken tibia. He was a starter on an NCAA tournament team last season and his team's second-leading scorer this season.

6. For the past few years, TruTV has been the butt of jokes from college basketball fans who search for the network every March to find the early-round NCAA tournament games it airs. Last March, the network finally fired back. In maybe the best college hoops-themed social media campaign of 2015, TruTV dished the snark right back at people who mocked it. When one viewer tweeted, "Welcome to March... or as TruTV calls it 'relevance,'" the network responded, "We call April 'Not having to deal with your tired-ass jokes.'" When another viewer tweeted, "If you want to piss off a bartender, ask them to find TruTV," the network fired back with a photo that read, "False. All good bartenders know where TruTV is." Good stuff, TruTV. Way to be able to laugh at yourself and drum up some publicity at the same time.

7. One of the unlikely winners of the opening weekend of the 2015 NCAA tournament was a small California-based jewelry company. ViVi jewelry received some unexpected publicity thanks to UCLA forward Tony Parker's eye for fashion. At the end of a postgame interview following UCLA's round of 32 victory over UAB, Parker smoothly told CBS sideline reporter Allie LaForce, "Nice bracelet, by the way." The flirty comment caused such a stir on social media afterward that LaForce felt compelled to tweet a picture and shout out ViVi jewelry for making the bracelet. Was Parker's comment a pick-up line? Perhaps, but he truly is knowledgeable about fashion. He crowned himself Steve Alford's best-dressed player last season and routinely makes fun of his coach's attire.

8. If Jordan Sibert's last-minute go-ahead 3-pointer was the most memorable moment of Dayton's First Four victory over, a close second came a few minutes earlier. Dayton forward Dyshawn Pierre skied to secure a rebound but failed to secure his shorts in the process. He wound up with the ball in his hands and his shorts around his ankles. Credit Pierre for his ability to act like being caught with his pants down on national TV was no big deal. He tightened the drawstring and pulled the shorts up nonchalantly while members of Boise State band and the cheerleading team looked on with mouths agape.

9. One thing is clear after watching the above video of Virginia Tech coach Buzz Williams reading mean tweets about himself. He doesn't take himself too seriously. Williams laughs at himself constantly while borrowing an always funny bit from the Jimmy Kimmel Show. He chuckles at someone insisting he has the "fattest neck" they've ever seen. He howls when someone says his hoarse voice sounds like he gargled with barbed wire. He even smiles when someone compares one of his ties to a Super 8 bedspread. The only other takeaway from the video: How does Williams not know who actor Channing Tatum is? Go watch 21 Jump Street, Buzz.

Georgetown fans hold up banners depicting Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)
Georgetown fans hold up banners depicting Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

10. Whereas other opposing student sections have merely chanted "Where is Boeheim?" at Syracuse during the hall of fame coach's nine-game suspension, the Orange's biggest rival got a little bit more creative. The Georgetown Stonewalls paid tribute to Boeheim's with two large tifo banners they unveiled before their Dec. 5 game in Washington D.C. One tifo featured a trio of caricatures of Boeheim in trademark poses. The other had a line from the NCAA ruling that led to Boeheim's suspension. It read: “The head basketball coach failed in his responsibilities to promote an atmosphere of compliance within his program and monitor the activities of those who reported directly and indirectly to him."

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