Terrence Jones autographs a pregnant Kentucky fan’s stomach

When Kentucky forward Terrence Jones held a meet-and-greet event on Sunday at a pharmacy in Russell Springs, Ky., the future first-round pick didn't just autograph photos or posters or T-shirts.

Jones also tweeted out photos of himself signing some less traditional items.

The photo Jones liked best was of himself signing a newborn baby's Kentucky basketball T-shirt while the child was wearing it. Jones' second favorite showed him autographing a pregnant woman's bare belly with a permanent Sharpie marker.

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The media consensus is that Jones should reverse the order, and I'm in agreement. The pregnant woman is the clear photo of the day front runner.

Regardless of the order, however, the autograph signing proves one thing: When people from Kentucky claim they're a Wildcat fan for life, sometimes it dates back to even before they were born.

(Thanks, College Basketball Nation)

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