Terrence Jones offers to buy flowers for injured Louisville cheerleader

NEW ORLEANS — The most painful part of Louisville cheerleader Jerica Logue's night wasn't watching her Cardinals lose to their most hated rival in the Final Four.

Instead, it was a collision with Kentucky forward Terrence Jones that left her bloodied and in tears.

Jones was trying to chase down an errant transition pass from teammate Anthony Davis midway through the first half and he couldn't stop his momentum fast enough to avoid plowing into Logue on the baseline. Louisville cheerleading coach Todd Sharp said Logue needed stitches before she could return to the court because the wound on the top of her head bled so much.

"Amazing athlete and student," Sharp said via email. "She was back on the floor and finished cheering the game immediately after halftime."

Jones had no idea he'd injured Logue in the first-half collision, but he was very apologetic after the game.

"Tell her I'm sorry," Jones said. "I'll drive down there and tell her myself with some flowers or something."