Ten memorable images from past Midnight Madnesses

Tom Izzo's hippie costume from 2008 picktured above is one of the most memorable moments from Midnight Madnesses of the past. Here are nine other Associated Press images to help you get in the mood for tonight's festivities.

New Kentucky coach introduces himself to Big Blue Nation in 2009. This night also marked the birth of the "John Wall Dance."

Maryland coach Gary Williams pumps his fist and climbs out the window of a Terrapins-themed NASCAR in 2004.

National player of the year Tyler Hansbrough makes a smoke-filled entrance his senior year during North Carolina's Late Night with Roy Williams in 2008.

Tom Izzo's 300-style Roman warrior get-up in 2007 was one of his most memorable Midnight Madness costumes. The scar over the left eye was an especially nice touch.

How did the Kansas basketball team make its entrance at last season's Late Night at the Phog event? Enveloped in fog, of course.

Texas Tech, meet Bob Knight. Bob Knight, meet Texas Tech. Midnight Madness 2001 marked the General's debut in Lubbock

There's something priceless about UConn center Hasheem Thabeet wearing a balloon animal on his head in 2008. Not pictured: The five-year-old girl he stole it from.

In the first of many memorable Midnight Madness entrances at Michigan State, Izzo rolls in dressed head-to-toe in black on the back of a motorcycle in 1999.

Recording artist Lloyd poses for pictures with a dozen happy female students at Connecticut's "First Night" event in 2009.