TCU fans taunt Texas Tech’s Justin Bieber look-alike

Chris Chase
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Texas Tech freshman Luke Adams looks a lot like Justin Bieber. TCU fans noticed this while Adams was playing garbage time off the bench on Tuesday night and delighted in taunting the freshman with various heckles that no doubt included veiled references to Selena Gomez, Canadian jokes and repetitious use of the word "baby."

It was a fine plan, except that the recipient of those taunts, the 20-year-old walk-on guard, couldn't hear them. He's been unable to hear since his birth.

We can give TCU fans a pass for the taunting faux pas. They're not the Cameron Crazies and probably don't have detailed cheer sheets that detail the personal lives of little-used freshman walk-ons.

No, the bigger problem is with making fun of anyone for looking like Justin Bieber. That's a taunt? Try a compliment, y'all. What, it's an insult that you can make a routine act like lowering your sunglasses to scope out the chicas look so good? If you want to taunt someone, say they look like the dude from Nickelback, or that they're so lame they couldn't even date, be a jerk to and then get dumped by Adele, thus becoming the subject of her next warbling album, "23."

And even that's not the worst thing. Much more egregious is the fact that The Biebs doesn't have that haircut anymore! Didn't you see him at the Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center? Or when he wore that letter jacket/Christmas sweater combination on the "Today" show with Usher? Or at the AMAs or during his appearance on Letterman? He has a new style people! Get with the times, then go make fun of whichever player on Duke doubtlessly has the same 'do.

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