T. Boone Pickens takes aim at Nebraska, Mizzou and Texas A&M

Oklahoma State mega-booster T. Boone Pickens is one of the most powerful behind-the-scenes figures in the Big 12, so the deep-pocketed oil tycoon is certainly not afraid to speak his mind.

As a result, this video of his conversation about conference realignment with the Austin American-Statesman is must-see to say the least. Among the topics Pickens touches on are Nebraska's longtime desire to leave the conference, the notion of Texas A&M and Texas splitting up, and his disdain for all things Missouri.

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On whether he was surprised Nebraska left:

"Nebraska's wanted to leave since the Big Six. That's 1940. My dad and I went to all the games, and he said, 'God (darn), let Nebraska go, they're going to go over there to the Big Ten, get their foot in the door and they'll mash it for 'em.' What's Nebraska got to offer? They've got 700,000 households. They don't bring any big audience."

On whether the Big 12 could add TCU:

"TCU's got a 35,000-seat stadium, and they can't even fill it. What do they bring to you?"

On whether Texas A&M and Texas ever strongly considered splitting:

"Hell no, they weren't serious. The Aggies would die if their athletic department said, 'We're going to the SEC and Texas is going to the Pac-10.'"

On whether he had any qualms about going to the Pac-10:

"I have a strong streak of loyalty. That's the way I feel about Iowa State, Kansas and Kansas State. I don't want to go off and leave them. ... I don't care much about Missouri."

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