Syracuse song: the 2-3 zone praised in 4/4 time

I don't get the feeling the Sour Sitrus Society will be transcribing this one come Big East tournament time.

I know quite a few SU alumni, and many are my close friends. I even dated one. Yep. A girl! Some of those I know attended the Newhouse School and, as one follower on Twitter told me recently, "Fun fact: SU BJ majors are insufferable."

I don't agree with that in full, but I do empathize with the notion. So, perhaps a little bit of schadenfreude is presented below for those who attended SU but didn't get accepted into Newhouse — and those who attended other broadcast journalism schools but have had to endure a few condescending conversations from their Orange colleagues. All aforementioned parties can have a little comfort knowing that the fan-made song comes from broadcast journalism major Jake Ober at the central New York institution of higher education.

Ober's song isn't terrible; I'm just poking a little fun. The Orange are off to the best start in school history, so the love is to be expected. Right now, some crunchy kid from Ithaca is probably sitting on his bunk bed in Lawrinson, Takamine in lap, and penning another dedication to Boe and Co.

The title of this one? Bursting with originality: "Let's Go."

OK, then. Let's hear it.

Not bad. It's got that anthem feel to it, but I think the team is just fine sticking with assistant coach Rob Murphy's rallying cry for 2010, "Shut it Down."