Super Bowl and college hoops meet in Las Vegas prop bets

There are only so many ways that you can bet on the Super Bowl, right?

Well, then there are the ways you would have never thought of.

Late last week, the Las Vegas Hilton Race and Sports SuperBook released its annual bible of Super Bowl proposition bets. It features 25 pages of wagers that can be made on the upcoming clash between the Packers and Steelers, including 3.5 pages of plays that cross over into other sports. (See all 25 pages here; Thanks @stevecofield)

Yes, the oddsmakers figured out a way to make you pay attention to the NBA, NHL, PGA and even soccer abroad on a day when football (and commercials) own America.

The prop bets include some college hoops, too. The Hilton is offering 11 of them, to be exact.

Here's a closer look, along with The Dagger's nowhere-near-mortal-lock picks.

(Note: All bets are in 'Who will have more?' format, with the spreads listed in parentheses)

Notre Dame points vs. Rutgers (-7.5) OR Mike Wallace receiving yards?

When it comes to deep threats, Wallace is the new Randy Moss, and averaged a ridiculous 21 yards per reception in the regular season. He caught a pass of at least 43 yards in seven of those 16 games. As for Notre Dame, the Irish are averaging 72.8 points per game at home in Big East play this year. This one could be the most fun of the bunch.

The Dagger Picks — Jeff Eisenberg: Notre Dame Ryan Greene: Notre Dame

Rutgers points vs. Notre Dame (-11.5) OR Donald Driver receiving yards?

In the regular season, Driver only posted more than 60 receiving yards in three of 13 games. Meanwhile, Rutgers is averaging 60 points per game on the road in Big East tilts.

The Dagger Picks — JE: Rutgers RG: Rutgers

Kalin Lucas points + rebounds + assists vs. Wisconsin (Pick) OR Ben Roethlisberger completions?

Pick the lesser of two evils here, folks. On one hand, the Steelers will likely try to control the clock like they did against the Jets last weekend, meaning plenty of running. On the other, can you really trust anyone in a Michigan State uniform right now? (It is worth noting that Lucas totaled 53 points in his last two games)

The Dagger Picks — JE: Roethlisberger RG: Lucas

Durrell Summers points vs. Wisconsin (Pick) OR Packers + Steelers 4th quarter points?

I'll ask again: Can you really trust anyone in a Michigan State uniform right now?

The Dagger Picks — JE: Packers/Steelers RG: Packers/Steelers

Jon Leuer points + rebounds vs. Michigan State OR Emmanuel Sanders receiving yards (-13.5)?

Combined, Leuer is averaging 26 points and rebounds a game, while Sanders is averaging 30 receiving yards a game in the regular season and playoffs. So … flip a coin.

The Dagger Picks — JE: Sanders RG: Leuer

• Wisconsin points vs. Michigan State OR Greg Jennings receiving yards (-12.5)?

Getting 12.5 here is awfully tempting. That's all I'll say.

The Dagger Picks — JE: Jennings RG: Wisconsin/Michigan State

Jared Sullinger points vs. Minnesota (-3.5) OR Brandon Jackson receiving yards?

Jackson's role diminished in the last month with the emergence of rookie James Starks. Meanwhile, Jared Sullinger is still … well, Jared Sullinger.

The Dagger Picks — JE: Sullinger RG: Sullinger

William Buford points vs. Minnesota OR Rashard Mendenhall longest rush (-1.5)?

Mendenhall's going to get the ball a zillion times. Just keep that in mind.

The Dagger Picks — JE: Buford RG: Mendenhall

Blake Hoffarber points vs. Ohio State (Pick) OR Steelers + Packers 2nd quarter points?

With these two defenses on one side, and Minnesota's depleted backcourt on the other … yeah, you get the picture.

The Dagger Picks — JE: Hoffarber RG: Hoffarber

Ohio State + Minnesota points (-69.5) OR Rashard Mendenhall rushing yards?

This comes down to one question: How much do you trust the Packers' defense?

The Dagger Picks — JE: Ohio State/Minnesota RG: Mendenhall

• Big Ten points (-40.5) OR Packers Net yards?

OK, let's flip the script: How much do you trust the Steelers' defense?

The Dagger Picks — JE: Packers RG: Packers

Ryan Greene covers UNLV and the Mountain West Conference for the Las Vegas Sun. Read his Rebels coverage and follow him on Twitter.

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