St. Louis play-by-play man hilariously tells off ref who confronted him on air

When Saint Louis play-by-play announcer Bob Ramsey describe a foul assessed to Dwayne Evans as "cheap" late in the Billikens' victory over VCU on Tuesday night, the referee who made the call happened to overhear him.

To the surprise of Ramsey, referee Bo Borowski confronted him while he was on air. To the amusement of the radio audience, Ramsey wouldn't stand for it.

Shutting down Borowski with a classic "talk to the hand" pose, Ramsey told him bluntly, "I'm on the air now. Stay away from me." Later in the above audio-only clip originally posted by, Ramsey tells the audience, "We're not going to have that. This is 101 [ESPN]'s broadcast."

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Maybe someone who remembers the foul in question can share whether it was a good call or not, but regardless that's really not that pertinent. Whether the foul was correct or not, Borowski shouldn't be so thin-skinned with a hometown radio broadcaster when he undoubtedly hears far worse from the crowd every night.

Perhaps Borowski just got a little tired of the criticism and snapped. Nonetheless, the response from Ramsey was not only hilarious but also completely justified.

(Thanks, The Big Lead)

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