Southern Illinois coach’s rant spawns these adorable ‘Mama’s Boy’ T-Shirts

Now that all the handwringing regarding Southern Illinois coach Barry Hinson's explosive news conference has finally dissipated, it's nice to see that many Salukis fans are able to have a sense of humor about it.

Not only did Hinson receive a standing ovation when he walked onto the court before his team's victory over Ball State on Saturday afternoon, at least two young fans wore "Mama's Boy" T-shirts commemorating the coach's rant.

Hinson posed for a photo with the boys and posted it to his Twitter account along with this accompanying message: "Ran into a couple of mamas boys at our game today, check out their tee shirts. Gotta love Southern Illinois!" The shirts were a reference to a snippet of Hinson's memorable press conference in which he bemoaned his team's lack of toughness in its loss to Murray State last Tuesday night, telling reporters "We've just got a bunch of mama's boys."

If there was any lingering anger among the Southern Illinois players over Hinson's tirade, it certainly wasn't apparent in their levity with reporters following their victory over Ball State. Senior center Davante Drinkard joked that the Salukis "learned to shot fake" and that Jalen Pendleton "definitely didn’t play like a mama’s boy" after he scored a team-high 21 points.

Added Drinkard, "If that is how a mama’s boy plays then all of us need to be mama’s boys."