South Florida’s new jerseys were as ugly as the basketball in its Big East tourney loss

Here's the good news for anyone who didn't like the outlandish board shorts-style jerseys South Florida debuted during Tuesday night's opening-round Big East tournament game: They won't be making a return appearance.

The 13th-seeded Bulls squandered a late eight-point lead in regulation against 12th-seeded Seton Hall and lost 46-42 in an overtime battle between two of the Big East's worst offenses. That spares viewers from a second-round matchup between South Florida and Syracuse that would have been a color-clashing assault on the senses.

According to Under Armour, the reason the green and gold jerseys had colors and patterns associated with swimwear is to evoke "the South Beach environment." Why a Tampa-based university located 288 miles Northwest of Miami would want its jerseys to conjure images of South Beach is a perfectly reasonable question.

The white version of the jersey was audacious yet somehow more aesthetically pleasing, but since the Bulls are the Big East's second-to-last seed, they would have only worn those in the unlikely event they meet DePaul in the title game. As a result, fans saw the dark green incarnation on Tuesday night – and the reaction was predictably mixed.

"Okay, these South Florida jerseys are atrocious. Look like shorts my dad would wear in the 90's," one TV viewer tweeted. Countered another viewer, "South Florida's jerseys are freshhh."

Even those who hated the jerseys will admit they weren't any uglier than the game itself. Neither team broke 40 points in regulation and Seton Hall didn't even break 30 until two Aaron Crosby free throws with 2:50 remaining.

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