South Dakota State's coach is ready for the Big Dance

There may be a few Division I college coaches who can out-strategize Scott Nagy in a basketball game, but very few would outshine the longtime South Dakota State coach on the dance floor.

Nagy recently entered South Dakota State's third annual dancing with the stars competition, teaming with third-year nursing major Lesli Miller to capture first place in the contest last week.

In a series of weekly performances spanning the month of April, Nagy and Miller outperformed five other student-celebrity tandems at a variety of types of dancing. He moonwalked to an 80s medley in week 1, stripped off his warm-ups and gyrated to Sir Mix-a-lot's "Jump on It" in week 2 and slow-danced to John Mayer in week 3.

The final contest-winning performance from Nagy and Miller was a 1960s-style performance of the song "Ladies Choice" from Hairspray. Clad in a sweater vest and thick glasses, Nagy earns big applause from the crowd with everything from dips, to cartwheels to some impressive swing dancing.

Not bad for a guy who admitted he was "nervous about the whole thing" before the contest began.

(Thanks, College Basketball Nation)

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