Skyline Chili dyes spaghetti red and blue in honor of Louisville/Kentucky showdown

There is fandom, and then there is lunacy. There's a line, thin but definitive, between the two.

Skyline Chili has found that line and thrown a huge pile of technicolor pasta all over it. Behold Louisville Red and Kentucky Blue, the colors that the Louisville branches of Skyline will be selling in honor of this week's impending Louisville-Kentucky matchup in the Sweet Sixteen.

Skyline Chili, for those not in the know, ladles chili atop spaghetti in a combination that Midwesterners love and swear by, and the rest of the nation views with abject horror. Credit to Skyline and its Louisville owner Tom Longshore, who's made a practice of dyeing spaghetti a variety of unnatural colors, like green for St. Patrick's Day. (Presented without comment: he uses standard food coloring, so there's no effect whatsoever on the taste.)

The Louisville/Kentucky matchup is likely to be one of the best of the weekend. So go easy on the chili, Louisville residents ... you don't want anything to pull you away from the television.


Jay Busbee

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