A sign mocking Jared Sullinger will soon hang at his mom's house

The only weakness Ohio State's Jared Sullinger has exposed in his first four months of college basketball is that he's not very good at playing the role of a villain.

Sullinger was walking off the court after a victory at Minnesota on Sunday when he noticed a cardboard sign featuring a black and white photo of his face decorated with neon lipstick and earrings and the words "Party in the USA." It was a mocking reference to his hilariously awful karaoke rendition of the Miley Cyrus' pop hit that has become a YouTube sensation this month.

Instead of tearing up the sign or ignoring it the way others in his shoes might have, Sullinger approached the Minnesota student holding the sign and asked if he could take it back to Columbus with him.

"I thought my mom would love it, to have it to hang up," Sullinger told the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Sunday. "It's all fun and games."

Minnesota student Andrew Wagner initially turned Sullinger's request down, but he changed his mind when he saw the Ohio State big man's comment to the Plain Dealer about wanting to give the sign to his mother. As a result, they had the following exchange on Twitter on Monday:

@AndrewWagner: I would have given you the poster had you said it was for your mom.

@Jared_Sully0: Its all good. I like the poster btw

@AndrewWagner: DM me your address. Will send you the poster.

@Jared_Sully0: Everybody follow @andrewwagner he made a funny poster of me. Go to his timeline and see it. #Awesome

@AndrewWagner: mailed poster today. You should take a pic with it when you get it! #Gophers #tOSU

Almost heartwarming, isn't it? Credit both Wagner and Sullinger for their class and sense of humor.

As for other Big Ten student sections, good luck getting under Sullinger's skin. How do you taunt a kid who's so likeable and easygoing that he asks for your homemade sign to send home to his mom after the game?

(Thanks, LostLettermen.com)

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