Sean Miller wants a little love for the Wildcats from the Pac-12

Kyle Ringo
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Arizona coach Sean Miller thinks his players have been overlooked by the Pac-12 Conference this season when officials select the league's Player of the Week award.

Miller ended his portion of the Pac-12 coaches' teleconference today by asking Pac-12 director of communications Dave Hirsch about the awards. Hirsch is an Arizona alum and former baseball player at the school.

"Hey Dave, what do we got to do to get one of our players to get the Player of the Week?"  Miller said. “Is there something that we're missing? I've seen our guys play. There are great players and teams. I don't want to take anything away from it, but don't you think it's somewhat remarkable that a team could be 14-0 and No. 3 in the nation right now – maybe we won 't win another game – but not one of our players played well enough to win the Player of the Week award?”

Hirsch explained to Miller that a committee of six to eight staffers in the conference office selects the honoree each week. Schools also are asked to nominate players for the award. Arizona nominated Solomon Hill for last week.

Miller also mentioned the awards earlier in the call after being asked about the importance of having role players on a team.

“I've been reminded a number of times, I think we've had 10 weeks of the season and I don't know if an Arizona player this year has won the Pac-12 Player of the Week award,” Miller said. “Is that right Dave? I don't think we've had one. So I don't know, maybe I need to start telling our guys to start scoring and shooting the ball and not worry about winning. Usually when you're 14-0 and you're ranked No. 3 in the country those individual accolades can follow. At this point, that's the one thing where I have no credibility when I talk to our team."

It does seem odd that Arizona hasn't had a player honored by the conference so far this season. It is the only ranked and undefeated team in the conference.

Six other schools have had players earn Player of the Week honors from the conference so far including in-state rival Arizona State's senior forward Carrick Felix, who won it for the second time last week.

Hirsch suggested that it's possible an Arizona player could win the Player of the Year award.

"You can't become the player of the year if you don't win one player of the week, right?"  Miller said.

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